Bellwoods Announces Next 3 in Barn Owl Lineup

NORTH YORK, TORONTO – Bellwoods Brewery has announced on Instagram and their blog details of the next three releases in their Barn Owl series.

Barn Owl #11 is a barrel aged farmhouse ale with Rosewood Estates lavender and wildflower, to be released this weekend on the 27th (they apologize for the newsletter that originally noted Jan. 20th as the release date – we’re sorry too!). This blend has a balance of soft saison notes with floral aromatics. Gentle on the palate with a subtle spicy finish.

Barn Owl #12 is a dry hopped sour ale, to be released on February 3rd. This mixed fermentation is tart and funky with huge, dank dry hop aromatics and a balancing fruity acidity. Aged 1 year.

Barn Owl #13 is a sour ale with raspberries and cranberries, to be released February 14th. To celebrate valentine’s day, this bright red blend is the most sour of the three and is heavy on raspberries with a hint of cranberries. Aged 18 months.

The story is quite an interesting read, so we encourage you to check out their blog post about it.

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