Bellwoods Barn Owl #10

NORTH YORK, TORONTO – Bellwoods Brewery just announced the release of Barn Owl #10, which will be available without limit on Saturday, December 9th for $14 per 500 mL bottle. Per their Instagram post:

This funk jam began in stainless as a mixed fermentation with Vermont Ale yeast and Brett D from our friends @escarpmentlabs. After primary, it was transferred to a single new (to us) red wine foeder where it spent a year developing heavy pineapple and leather funk notes from the Brett, as well as some subtle oak and wine character. The whole batch then went back into stainless where it conditioned on top of 1,200kg of apricot puree, followed by a generous Mosaic & Citra dry hop. Unlike our most recent Barn Owl releases, this version is not a sour — it is heavy on brett induced funk, paired with a heavy blanket of fresh apricot skin.

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