Brewery & Bar Map

The Six is a relatively recent nickname for the city of Toronto, based on the six municipalities that amalgamated together in 1998 to form the current boundaries. We play on this theme in our website name and article datelines. Below is a map of breweries, bars, and pubs that we focus on.

We would be amiss to not give credit where it’s due: the Ontario Beer Network keeps the best map around for breweries, craft beer bars, and even cideries, distilleries, and more in the province of Ontario. Shout out to their great hard work – check out their website for the latest Ontario-wide craft beer news.

Let us know if there’s a place you’d like to see added to this map!

Current Contract Breweries that consider Toronto their home:
Ace Hill
Beaches Brewing
Clifford Brewing
Danforth Brewery
Goodlot Farmstead Brewing
The Hamilton Brewery
Hogtown Brewers
Katalyst Brewing
Liberty Village Brewing
Longslice Brewery
Lost Craft
Pitschfork Brewing
Red Thread Brewing
Shillow Beer
Silly Sir Brewing
Spearhead Brewing
Triple Bogey

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