Bellwoods Puts Local Craft Beer Fans Into Frenzy with Busy February

NORTH YORK, TORONTO – Bellwoods Brewery announced their releases for the month of February in their newsletter sent out today. If the next two Barn Owl releases weren’t enough, several more new beers are in the pipeline.

Goblin Sauce is a double IPA that will become Bellwoods’ most heavily hopped beer once it comes out on February 10th. Using lupulin powder, this 8.5% abv. beer will set new heights of aromatics, flavour, and bitterness.

They’re also introducing a new series called MOG, where fruit that has been previously pressed and aged in barrels for other beers are reused and fermented using the wild yeasts and bacteria they picked up along the way. The first is Cherry MOG, coming in at 5.9% abv. with the characteristic stone fruit flavour and tartness imparted from cherries; to be released on the 17th.

Also coming soon is the return of Paper Tiger, a modern take on lagers using new-world dry hop. Expected late in the month.

Lastly, their flagship annual release, Motley Cru, should be appearing soon and it is hinted that blueberries may play a prominent role.

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