Great Lakes Brewery Introduces 7 Barrel Series

ETOBICOKE, TORONTO – Great Lakes Brewery announced today a new line-up of beers called 7 Barrel Series.

As the brewery approached its 30th year in the craft beer business, owner and president Peter Bulut purchased an early birthday gift in the form of a copper pilot system. Consisting of a mash/launter tun, hot liquor tank, and kettle all sitting upon a small raised platform, the system can produce up to 700 litres per batch, or 7 barrels (7 bbl).

Throughout the past year, GLB used the new system to create many special releases and collaborations to help celebrate its 30th anniversary. Now that those festivities are over, and all the brewery staff accustomed to the new equipment, the system will be used to brew experimental and unique beers under the 7 Barrel Series name.

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