West End Biking Brewery Tour circa 2015

Back in 2015 a group of us decided to go on a biking brewery tour. Our goals were simple: visit breweries we can’t easily walk to, don’t over extend ourselves (important when alcohol is involved), stay off too many major roads, and include a place to eat half-way through.

At the time, there weren’t as many breweries to choose from so it was easy to string together these Toronto craft beer stalwarts:
1. Black Oak Brewing
2. Cool Beer Brewing
3. Great Lakes Brewery
4. Indie Ale House
5. Junction Craft Brewing

Black Oak seemed like a good starting point with it being the furthest west and Cool Beer was really only added because it was on the way to Great Lakes Brewery. The trek to Indie Ale House for a late lunch was the longest stretch but it made the arrival all the more satisfying. We could have ended it there but being so close to Junction Craft warranted a visit. The ride home afterwards was a careful one, to say the least (not recommended).

The route, without stops, is 43 minutes according to Google’s biking pace, with some elevation after you cross the Humber river.

Today, there are many more options to choose from in the western part of Old Toronto and the Junction Triangle neighborhoods, which would make any new bike tours likely exclude the Etobicoke offerings. Which is a real shame, because the staff at Black Oak are always super welcoming, and the beer at GLB is continually excellent.

Share your favourite tours with us and we’ll post it here!

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